• Vertically Integrated Company with end-to-end in-house facilities
  • Four Units – 1 Seasoning Unit, 2 Production Facilities and 1 Finishing, Packing and Shipping Unit
  • Spread over an area of more than 215,000 sq ft.
  • With a team of more than 400 directly employed workers
  • Current production of 8,000+ pieces per month
  • Processing wood in excess of 26,000 cubic ft per month
  • Shipping over 400 containers per annum worldwide

Contemporary Solid Wood Furniture Production Unit 1 Contemporary Solid Wood Furniture Production Unit 2

Production Facilities

  • Production machines from various manufacturers including Weinig, Altendorf, Homag, Balestrini, Felder, Kaeser, etc.
  • Optimum working conditions with modern machines ensures quality as well as craftsmanship

Quality Management

  • Team of 30 quality managers involved in every step of production
  • In-house seasoning unit ensures optimal seasoning of wood
  • Continuous moisture measurement
  • Furniture engineering – CAD drawings, machining, assembly to quality control
  • Quality checks after each stage of finishing (sanding, staining & lacquering)
  • Stringent final quality inspection before packing and shipping
  • Strict compliance with customer quality requirements

Packaging & Stuffing

  • Packing and labelling as per requirements of customers and products
  • Experienced packaging team ensures safely packaged and defect-free shipping to customers
  • Four stuffing stations to handle four containers simultaneously
  • All stuffing stations at walk-in level to ensure minimal handling and optimal stuffing
  • Experienced dispatch team to ensure optimum utilisation of container space

Research & Development

  • Team of in-house as well as overseas designers working throughout the year to keep up with ever changing trends
  • Experienced team of CAD professionals for product design, modeling and production plans
  • Product engineering team to take care of translation of production plans into quality products
  • Product sampling department to create physical samples showcased in our showroom as well as in fairs
  • 12,000 sq ft showroom located at our head office in Jaipur showcases our latest collection lines by our in-house as well as overseas designers
  • Continuously updated keeping abreast with global furniture trends and customer requirements